Adding last stickers

Adding the last stickers

Main sticker with cutout for the TFT?

In the last days I tried to improve the user interface stickers for the main shell. The steps and layers were basically similar to my previous sticker versions. I tried again to make a cutout for the TFT screen in the sticker, but I just don't like it, the area should not have a cutout.

As I said, I do not like it. So I replaced the main sticker once again. The contact to the capacitive touch buttons is still a bit problematic. Although (or maybe because?) I used several layers of the copper tape for each button, the buttons do not respond to every touch. I need to improve this sticker even more....

Replacing the Raspberry Pi Zero

The picture above shows 2 RasPi - while testing and improving the software over the last weeks I noticed that something was wrong with the RasPi I had soldered in. It froze or shut down sometimes for no apparent reason (even with USB power supply). Maybe I had overheated some components during soldering, I don't know. I unsoldered and replaced it with a new RasPi and the errors were gone.

Last stickers for the upper LED recesses

Finally I added the last missing stickers for the two upper LED recesses. The thin black contour lines were printed on a transparent overhead projector film. I added translucent, frosted window film in the LED cutouts to get the silverish look. The small round LED cutouts were made with a punch pliers.

Since the stickers with the plastic membrane were relatively thick, I tried cutting the edges off at an angle with the cutting knife so that the stickers would fit better in the recesses. I rounded the corners with scissors. I reprinted and cut these stickers several times until I was satisfied with the result.