Raspberry Pi Zero placed on the inner side of the back lid

Positioning Raspi – Version 1

Note: Later in the project, I dismissed this placement due to lack of space. I replaced the back lid and changed from a Mark X to a Mark IX (without a pocket for a removable medical scanner).

Raspberry Pi Zero fits on the lid

After inspecting the shell that came with the static prop kit and testing a few position variations for the Raspberry Pi Zero, I decided to place the Raspi on the removable back lid for easy access to the SD card slot at all times. The Raspi is almost as wide as the back lid. I only had to remove small parts of the frame and file a dent for the SD card.

The Mark X (Medical) has a pocket on the back for the removable hand scanner. The resin back lid had small slots in this pocket for the snapping/spring mechanism to hold the scanner in place when inserted. I thought this cutouts would also be good to allow some airflow to cool the Raspi (without knowing if this is necessary or what temperature the Raspi will have).

My plan was to run the GPIO wires along the scanner pocket and keep them long enough to be able to open the back lid by flipping it sideways.

At this time I only had M3 nuts available. Their height was fine, so I glued them in place with ultra-strong epoxy and let it dry overnight. I shortened the M3 screws and cut additional plastic spacers to prevent the Raspi from making direct contact with the large metal nuts (the screw head size was OK).

This looked good when the lid was placed inside the frame. But you can't fold-out the lid sideways when the SD card overlap is on the same side of the lid as the rounded end of the scanner pocket. Or looked the other way around: The frame cannot be folded over the flat end of the scanner pocket.

The fold-out test was successful after the Raspberry Pi Zero was rotated by 180°. The frame wasn't blocked by the rounded end of the scanner pocket. I just had to file another notch in the frame for the SD card. A small disadvantage was now that the GPIO pins were further away from the scanner pocket.