Close-up of screen module inside the body shell

Fitting the screen

To get the 2.0'' TFT screen flat into the body shell I had to modify the display cutout.

I carefully filed the borders of the display cutout to enlarge it. I also filed the resin shell on the alpha-to-delta light cutouts thinner to make room for the solder pads on the screen's board. I'm planning to use some self-made light guides for the alpha-to-delta lights. It will be a tight fit, but I'm confident it will work.

The screen's surface is larger in height than the shell's display cutout, so I also had to carefully file the top border of the display cutout to get a flat transition.

Inside the shell I used a high speed cutter with ball shaped head to carve the side wall next to the screen's PCB. The board has a SD card reader. I don't plan to use it at the moment, but maybe things will change, so I made sure it is still usable.

I wanted the display to be removable. It was already hold in place partly by the thin screen frame. I glued in small PVC profiles that serve as additional support so that the display cannot slip once it is inserted. To remove the display, I can simply push it carefully towards the upper end.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the other side at this stage. In newer articles there might be photos showing the display's front when placed inside the body shell...